Love poem

~**~ The Isle of Hell~**~

We were wrapped in divine dreams,
Plucking the rose of creation,
Sipping the luscious nectar,
Drinking the toast of love,
Feeling that moment of invisible touch,
Living in fairy tales,
Singing and dancing all day,
Wakened on the voice of madness...
O my love,
My soul weeps
My heart is heavy and cold...
As despair drags you to the edge of doom...
O my love,
I will slay death
Murder this madness
And burn this fate
Take you away from the isle of hell.
I will not surrender to this fate
Nor will I declare it a defeat ...
O my love,
You are my pain and joy
Night and day...
Sanity and insanity...
O my love,
You are my wine, cup, and poesy.
Your love has implanted me
Into the cities of joy and grief
And taught me that when in love
I can change the shape of this universe...
O my love,
The sparrows out there still sing
Calling your name..
Your perfume still emanates,
Intoxicating the heaven of my soul...
You are the spring of that hell..
The only light that shines there..
Damn you, Cyprus, isle of hell
You stole and withered
The rose of Romania
And made my heart heavy
My soul weep...
Only you have the power
To lighten my heart...
Change these tears
Into sighs of love
Once again to be wrapped in divine dreams..

All rights reserved, Munir. Copying without permission for non-personal use is forbidden.

Poetry by munir mezyed
Read 454 times
Written on 2006-12-11 at 21:42

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