This Generation

this generation
a miserable generation
losing so many of my peers
they are leaving in a hurry
relocating to the cemetary
is this the curse of the youth?
unable to totally recognize the truth?
drugs will never be good for you
but you insist on using them
saying they make you feel good
you lead a promiscuous lifestyle
totally aware of the risks
thiniking its cool to sleep around
you panick at the first signs
of pregnancy or illness
you drink and drive
it comes as no surprise
when many of you die
through road accidents...
drug overdoses...suicides
botched abortions
the obituary pages in the papers
filling up with many young faces
society needs you
your contribution is crucial
but your attitude is wrong
check your attitudes
believe in your strengths
work on your weaknesses
be positive in your approach
the youth can make a difference in society
but first they need to make a difference
amongst themselves

Poetry by Mike
Read 761 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 06:04

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Yes the youth of today are disgrace to the entire humanity. But then the older generations has alot contribution to our degeneration!

Take it or leave it.
They drink hot drinks,
Coupled with cigar...
In our presence
And never tell us not
To indulge in such attitude.

Of course, they dare not
Tell us what is good
For them lot is bad
For us, their siblings.

In all ramification, the older generation have failed us. But we must not stop preaching the good gospel for our generation to be better represented in the history-book.

All this is very sad but true, but they still need our support and help otherwise they would have no chance at all. good write Mike.

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

but unfortunetly we are quick
to point out other's faults while veminmently
denying our onw faults.