this is ta one of my sistas

Ariel!!!Aka Pug lol:D

Like All My Sisters She Is There For Me.
She Has Always Been Nice And She Would Help Me Wit What Ever Porblem I Am Having, Well Try Ta.

She Is One Of The Nicest People You Could Ever meet But Dont Get On Her Bad Side Cuz she Will Snap.
Ariel Can Say No Ta Ya But She Will always Be There For Me.

she Has Always Been There For Me no Matter Wat.
She Can Always Make Me Smile when I Am Down.
We can Both Make Each Other Smile.

I Will Always Be Here For You Sis. No Matta Wat:D
I Will Always Be Your Sister Even If We Fight.

Love Your Sis,


Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 384 times
Written on 2006-12-20 at 22:27

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