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Stormclouds on the horizon;
so dark only the vaguest idea of Light shines through.
Mountains shrouded in fog
disappear as the rain descends.

I throw away inhibitions,
Cast off the dark glances of people still bound by the standards of society,
and I dance,
Dance; a cow caught in a tornado.

The Rain pounds, soaks my clothes through.
They wonder why I don't mind, don't complain,
even when I collide with the blast of A/C
and shiver as the rain freezes and adheres to my skin.

Stormclouds on the horizon;
my liberating force.
Black out the Sun
and hide me from judging eyes.

Poetry by Tyr-fira
Read 863 times
Written on 2005-10-19 at 21:51

Tags Dancing  Crazy  Carefree 

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