written about a certain person. I love her.

I did special spacing on my lines and they killed it....

Only Sixteen

You're only sixteen;
never known real pain before.
But how would you know?
I've suffered,
died before.
But you didn't know that did you?
You haven't seen all I have-
But you don't care;
To you I'm only sixteen.
Lie to me again;
Say my life is petty and perfect-
So I don't have to hurt anymore.
Turn the clock back-
Its always lying anyway.
Tick, tock my heart beats;
My lonely countdown.
You can't see the scars
I've learned to hide so well.
Pain knows no age.
I wish it did.
You still believe that society's boundaries
could ever hold the Reaper?
You must.
You said I'm only sixteen.

Poetry by Tyr-fira
Read 1362 times
Written on 2005-10-28 at 02:10

Tags Society  Age  Death 

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