another delima (sp?) to face.


Wander in my mind
Fight the feelings clinging-
just beneath the surface,
behind my eyes
you see it there.
Resist everything inside;
body, heart, soul, mind.
All for the sake of a momentary right.
For me, all the questions-
easily answered.
Just ignore external factors;
Life would again balance.
For you, not so simple.
Twisted emotions clinche
your heart tightens
to where you can't breathe for the pressure.
I know that feeling too-
utter hopelessness;
No right answers-
yet at the same time,
All are:
if you could only find one.
Stuck in a vicious cycle
There's nothing you can do.
And you know it.

Poetry by Tyr-fira
Read 1009 times
Written on 2005-11-02 at 21:33

Tags Conflicted  Romance 

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