Cupid and Psyche

A king given three lovelies,
One's eidetic beauty cursed,
Punished by a vengeful Venus,
Doomed to be wed upon a beast.

Dutiful Psyche obeying destiny,
Lonely staggers to the pinnacle rock,
There to be the funeral bride.
Fate twists before the will of Gods.

For Cupid, sent to exact mother's redress,
Was struck down by his own eyes,
And sent loyal Zephyr to deliver her.
Love's want greater than godly orders.

For a long while they dwelt together
In the palace of prolific wealth.
Husband's evanesce with the light of dawn
Sight forbidden to the bride.

Envy strikes hard and fast,
Psyche's sisters beset with base lords
Plot to even the lots of kin.
The demise of the happy couple will suffice.

Psyche is Pandora, and Cupid takes his wings,
Sisters are slain by immodesty.
Now the girl must beg forgiveness,
If ever she is to see Love's face again.

Now Venus confers her reprisal,
Three tasks to prove her worth.
Aim to kill,
And without aid they might have.

Ants, the blessed helpers,
And a river god's coaching-
But most of all, Cupid's return,
Bringing Psyche back from Hades.

Love, tempered with forgiveness,
Makes his plea to the divine king,
To bring his bride to immortality,
And cool Venus's burning need for retribution.

The messenger descends,
Delivering Psyche to Cupid,
There to remain ad infinitum,
And Pleasure was born unto them.

Poetry by Tyr-fira
Read 1048 times
Written on 2005-12-14 at 06:58

Tags Love  Mythology  Myth 

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Sofiul Azam
Yes, honestly speaking, you write good, very good. I hope you will go on writing your poems...