anniversary of a first kiss.

Is it worth it?

You never know how long it will last-
That fleeting glimpse of heaven.
So savor your moments
Let your mind and heart pretend.
Jealousy away
for one more moment at least.
My conscious-the demon devil-
cause of all my misery-
be silent.
Cease the whispers in my head
so I can lose myself in ecstacy.
Later, later I will worry.
I will be afraid.
Of what?
Of losing what I had.
I fear my delusions will shatter-
as in my heart I always knew they would.
But for now,
As I lie here beside you,
all I can think is-
Love is a rose.

Poetry by Tyr-fira
Read 1069 times
Written on 2005-11-02 at 21:36

Tags Confusion  Love  Romance 

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Beautiful! Yes, sometimes to feel love for someone and know that when he/she leaves it's over.....just sad and hard to accept...Sometimes we think we love someone and think that person loves us back, but in the end he/she is just using one...sometimes....
Stunning poem, I like it a lot!