thinking of '06. i dont give a fuck bout the spelling

looking back, at the past.

looking back at the past.
thoght it would last.

started to cry...
cuz all the fun has died.

thinking bout all the lies that were told to my face.
that stung like mace.

all the heartbreaks.
and all the night i stayed awake.

if i could turn back the hands of time.
if i could push rewined.

the funrals and family fight.
i stayed awak so i could think at night.

a lil gurl acting like a thug.
i only did that cuz thats how i was loved.

then i found you my true love.

now wat happend to the year?
is the end near?

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 656 times
Written on 2007-01-02 at 06:02

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you speak so loud and clear and you let out what you express
a very strong write from the heart and dang straight!!who gives a rats ass about spelling as long ya can read the fuuken thing!!
you are funny and love this line:

Thinking bout all the lies that were told to my face,
that stung like mace!!!

I know of those dang stingers
let me tell you:))
great write indeed
hugs to you

I liked this poem... every year has its up's and down's, maybe you will experience a year in the future that will only be filled with happiness and love. Hopefully tough..anyway great poem.

*brovo!!!!*.....get poem!! loved it!!...(not to be mean or anything you did miss spell a word *at the end you put ture* its *true* hun! lol)....
Love ya sis!