Please forgive any grammer and spelling mistakes...I wrote this right after my 1st boyfriend broke up with me and did it through email and not by phone (distance) i was really hurt. and yeah...Just thought i share it since it's over now and I've m

Forever Never

What hurts more then a broken heart?
I truly believed, we could not come to part.
But it came to pass
and it didn't last.
Left all alone,
With no one to call my own.

Maybe it was me?
Or maybe it was he?
No, it could have been us both,
That the promise of "Forever".
Really meant "Never".

I wanted to stay.
I didn't want it all to go away,
but thing had come to pass,
and the promise of "Forever"...
can never last.
Only in fairy tales, can there be an happy end,
But in reality, can we really just go back to being "friends".

Maybe within a deal of time,
I'll finally be able to put it from my mind.
When that will be, I have no clue,
but I really did mean it, every time I said;
"I love you"
I meant it with all my heart and soul,
I prayed and believed, with all my might,
everyday and every night.
That everything will turn out okay,
but alas I see, things never go my way.

I thought of you,
Did you think of me too?
Maybe you did, and maybe not.
Or maybe it was I, the one to be forgot?
May be not, that wasn't so.
All though there is one thing, that I know.

I can never hate you.
How can I hate you, when I still love you.
All you left me to do is cry,
and I ask myself "Why?"
Why did it turn out this way?
I thought and I believed, things would be okay.I suppose, that was too optimistic of me.
To believe in things so much, that it can never be.

I'm sorry I cannot forget,
I'll remember the moments, ever since we met.
I wish, I could go back to that time.
Maybe then I can erase and change these feelings of mine.

I was happy with you,
If you could have only knew,
just how much I did, so true.
Even when you were gone.
I was sad, yet happy too.
With just the thought, I was with you.
Even if weren't together physically, but apart.
You were still close, deep within my heart.

You were the first,
I'll always remember,
Just the thought of you, made me happier,
but now I'm left to cry these tears of a pale blue.
Over the ghostly memory and the things that remind me of you.

I'm sorry for all I've done,
I wish things could have never come,
but it did and now I cry,
all I can hear, is my saddened weeping and a lonely sigh.

Abandoned all hope and all that much,
I guess, all my believing was not enough.
I've come to see,
and left with little to believe.
That in reality; "Forever".
Really means...."Never".

Poetry by Jordanna
Read 887 times
Written on 2005-10-21 at 02:34

Tags Love  Sadness 

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Very touching poem from the heart I hope that love will show you its the most joyful and bright face soon

Beautiful! Sad, but wonderful! I know how this feels, as I have this awful feeling everyday...the pain seems to stay with one, even if you think that you have moved on, but there will always be this soft spot in your heart for him....thanks for sharing!! ((Hugs))