My Heart Is Like A Shattred Mirror..

he said ill love you till i die.

but when he left he droped my heart and shattred it,

like a mirror hitting the ground.

it shattred in to a million pieces.

but some wise one said Brooke there are more fish in sea.

and i think i have found one.

i dont think so tho... and know one knows who this one is...

well some do... thats cuz they know him...

i think he only wants me fore a sex toy...

idk tho...




Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 611 times
Written on 2007-01-12 at 07:51

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great job brooke!! with cindy on this one....go deeper the next time you fish! of these days you will find the one...or the one will find you...but when it happens you will kno it......i dont reallly wanna say it...but the way he acts he only wants you for a sex toy......sorry girl!....but maybe somebody can find it out for you....maybe somebody can see if he as any feelins for you or not.....:D great job!!! :D
luv ya sis!

well dear brooke the Unwritten one you express here and no one should make you feel you have been shattered dang!!ya thank he wants to use you as a sex toy!!dang girl release that rubber duckie lol..go just a little deeper next time you go fishen!!lol wee smile for you
great read!!