Again Thomas Perdue wrote the first Haiku, then I started writing the renga's. The Last Haiku we wrote together.

Eternity We Are [A Thomas-Liz Love-Tanka Collection 2]

Love and lust, 'tis such
A strange mystery of the
Unknown things of Earth...

....One would rather be with love's
strange mystery then without...

For without such a
Mystery, strange thing love is,
What would be in life?

No beauty would exist nor
would wonders without love's fire

This fire that is ours,
This fire that is our own love
Gives meaning to love.

None can extinguish our fire
it lights the blackest of nights...

Our love shall burn bright
It shall burn eternally...
Love - eternal flames...

Though passing of time changes
us, our love always stays the same.....

Our love remains there,
Eternally in our hearts,
But through all time grows...

grows brighter, always getting
stronger not even death can break....

Though death comes to all,
It shall not put a stop to
Our union of love...

A union like ours so strong
that it transcends death it's self...

Our love shall last through
All time, it shall never die...
Let life go, love stays...

Love stays in the soul although
mortal bodies pass away....

New bodies rise up,
Immortal bodies, never
To rot throughout time...

Our love shall reach an even
More divine form in heaven...

Love more divine then
the love tales of old
they pale when compared...

Romeo and Juliet
have nothing compared to us.....

We are life itself
Romeo and Juliet
Died for each other

They chose to die rather than
To live without the other...

But I have life with
you even when i'm without you
We're eternity.....


Haiku by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 845 times
Written on 2007-01-18 at 05:11

Tags Love  Happiness  Friendship 

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i love when two loves converge and create such beauty. it is a pleasure to behold. lovely sentiments.

betsy Firefly
Is someone around here in love?!?