Breaking up... why can't feelings stay the same?

Love is cruel

Love, that most elusive of things. Squeeze too hard and you kill it, hold it to softly and it disappears....

Staying away for so long, feelings just.... kind of went away, changed, diminished... I never meant for it to happen, there was nothing to do. Then meeting her again, I was happy. I really wanted it to work.
But it wasn't to be, I want her to be happy, I love to se her smile, but for myself... she was just not the one. My feelings were not as strong, though I still care deeply. My heart is in pain for her, I never meant to hurt.

No matter what I say, I can't make it better for her. I can't even comfort if she wished it, I'm too far away. She still calls, because she misses me. It hurts her, but she still does. I hope her heart will heal, I never meant to break it. I caused so much pain and suffering and still she needs my voice. Love is cruel, there is no doubt in my mind. So cruel to those it stings, to those it hurts. I know it's sting and it's a horror knowing I have caused it.

I left the country, going back to work, so far far away. I left here there, it hurts... She thought I we were fine, I never said a thing. The day I left, I broke her heart, it was never my intention. My thoughts had found, it wasn't right. So I broke her heart and left, as a coward I ran. My head was telling me how well I'd done, my heart was yelling, not happy at all.

Tears run down my face, it hurts to hear her cry, yelling "Why, why, WHY?". She talks to me, her voice is strained, she feels so helpless, so alone. God I wish that things were different, that my feeling never changed, if nothing else just so she wouldn't be hurt. My own heart aches, my own feelings in pain. But not for me, for her my once love. Love is cruel...

Words by QuiZZer
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Written on 2007-01-21 at 12:35

Tags Love  Pain  Life 

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