Long-distance relationship. I wish I was there!

Love sick.

My heart is tearing, my stomach filled with rocks.
The thought of you so far away, the distance so extreme.
I can do nothing to fight for you, nothing to make you feel safe.
So far away in body, so close at hand in mind.

You tell me others have come calling, I feel my insides twist.
I know you love me baby, but it just can't feel right.
He's a friend of yours, you talk with him, he's by your side.
Caring for you he's close at hand while I'm a million miles away.

How I wish to fight for you, to be there by your side.
To love you as I should, be side by side and hand in hand.
I know you love me and I truly love you.
My heart is a sun, shining for you, but far away indeed.

He stands close, his light that much warmer, he shows he cares.
I can't do the same as my body is nowhere near.
He spends time with you, face-to-face while I sit talking.
I trust, but I worry, he is so much closer and we are so far apart.

In time I will come, I know it is hard.
Waiting for the one you love is never easy.
My heat or love will not dim, my angel is worth it.
For my angel, I can do anything.

Poetry by QuiZZer
Read 1079 times
Written on 2006-10-29 at 12:36

Tags Love 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
This is so sweet.

I love it.


don't worry, honey, I'm yours, always