Inspired by a true story I read in a magazine.
Thomas[Perdue] posted a copy on his page while I was away
but i've changed it slightly.


An InJustice Justice System

It saddens me that the innocent
can have their innocence lost
but the justice system sadden me more
when they make the victim pay a for-life cost.

While criminals get portrayed as the "victim"
Rapists and murderers are free to roam our streets
and their, THE REAL, victims live in fear
For them and their families lives never again get proper peace.

I pray for the day when our
INjustice justice system becomes our justice
justice system to give all the victims and
their families of crime back their shattered peace.


Poetry by liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Read 889 times
Written on 2007-01-28 at 01:37

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