A discussion that shows how important perspective is

Where Was Heaven?

Where is this 'Heaven'?
I look to the sky, and see naught
Save a blinding, furious orb
That can scarcely leash her desire to consume us
When I look out at the sea, unknown terrors smirk
Concealing their grim plots in the ceaseless roar
Of the foamy, bitter waves that claw at the shore
Absorbing every tear we shed when it makes our eyes burn
The mountains? White-haired jailors
With thunderous caps, denying us easy freedom
Where is this 'Heaven'?


I find it profoundly sad that I must tell you
That this warm motherly glow
Seeks not to vengefully destroy
But to comfort and warm us, as a mother's bosom
Will seem as home to the cold, wounded child
So will the waters that massage and bathe
Nymph-like waves carry our worries out and away
Into the forgetful horizon
Need I even mention our aged uncles
Who shield us from warring winds and predators?
Heaven eludes the eyes of the hopeless.
To those who dare stare down their terrors
Witless with fear yet unflinching
Heaves shall dawn with the sun
And sit on their shoulders, peer from within them
Be their heavy sword and guardian shield
Heaven lies not upward, my friend,
But further inward than the common man dares tread.

Poetry by Dominic
Read 815 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 02:09

Tags Heaven  Perspective  Discussion 

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