a view of the world


The thin slivers of light struggle to reach my descending face
As though fighting through waves of furious oils
That hold on to the glimmering angel-wings of light, as tenacious as jackals
The oft-comforting water now serves as a channel to the unfeeling state
And I slip another foot...
Long have I come to this pool to seek comfort after a day's thrashing,
And sunk my palms into the mirror-like surface, breaking the reflection
Of my parched face...
Parched? Or hungry for something to finally believe in?
Thirsty for an answer to the life questions that dance about my brain
Giddy honeybees pointing the way for their fellows to join them
In a mad dance of confusion....
I fall another foot...
And see images of my life skitter across my vision
Like stones skipped across a dark, somber ocean.
I see my form moving amongst fellows
And yet, my form seems so much more faded than theirs
I see afternoons spent longing, wishing...
And as I see my anguished face rippling in the waters
Of this final snare-like lake.
It seems my body has become little more than a heavy burden
And I get closer to the form drifting above my eyes.
Until we are one
I have stopped falling...haven't I....?
Instantly I see a heavy mist
And a faint light in the distance beckoning to me
Like a flame's sensual call to the smitten moth
And I begin my journey
Tired legs move in a long learned rhythm
And I stumble again and again
Stones call me with roughened voices
To fall, and admit defeat
And cease this mindless plodding toward an uncertain reward
In the mist, strange laughter erupts suddenly
And mocking voices make fun of my journey
And encourage me to merely rest a while
And cease the pain...
But I stumble on, bloody feet making a trail of misery
Even I do not know what drives me to this task
But finally, the mist starts to clear
And the light brightens
Finally, I can see the end of my journey
And it is beautiful...
I look back on my path
And I see others, invisible before now
Following the way my body has made through the mist
And I feel a sense of satisfaction
As I realise the consequence of my march upon others.
I walk up to the end of the journey
A beautiful mural of an angel
Smiling like a sunrise over a crystal sea.
And as I marvel at it
It reaches out and slowly strokes my awed face
With the tenderness of a mother.
And as I reach for her
I am allowed but one touch
And the world spins dizzily
Condensing once again into the sky.... the sky?
And I hear voices murmur in relief.
As I look up, I see my friends
And as I look backwards, I see my pool
That usually reflected my face with an indifferent glimmer
But had to absorb me to show my soul
Within inches of death...
And yet, knowing now what my life means to others
Life burns through me now,
More than ever before.

Poetry by Dominic
Read 1120 times
Written on 2007-03-27 at 16:21

Tags Water  Motivation 

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Kathryn Watson
Loved it. Really made me think about the effects of one's life on another. Good imagery all around.