Foggy wooded paths...inspiring.

Journeys Through Eden

It's a rainy night in Eden
All the deer are sleeping under the boughs
Of the heavy, tall, father like oaks
That cluster like wolves about fresh meat.
Squirrels, awakened by sounds on the earth below
Reluctantly let go of their dreamy escapades
And peer down at me
As I walk alone in mist
Seeing dancing spirits, intangible as clouds
And a querulous owl sends his perpetual question
Only to hear it swallowed by the rain.
I swallow hard and continue
On, past sly cobras and sleeping ravens
Through dormant ant nests and small rabbit holes
On through an ancient living forest
On a quest made special by its curiosity.
I shall only know my goal
When it dances on my eyes
And sleep in my fortress of solitude
A little deeper in the Sandman's charms
Having achieved my goal.
A smile touches my face
Making friends with the mist already there.
And so I struggle on
A dark point of contrast to this swirling white fog
A hopelessly na´ve tragically romantic figure
In this misty, rainy Eden.

Poetry by Dominic
Read 1093 times
Written on 2007-03-28 at 17:12

Tags Misty  Woods  Eden 

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