the title says more than I need to

Discovering Affection

They would often wander round the town
Trying to find that last place of solitude they had missed
In their days of summer
As he left her the first time, she found herself half wanting
Her arm to clutch at the shadows which lingered where he once was
Asking herself why, late at night, hunched on her roof
A small figure silhouetted by moonlight
Why she cared so much about him
Why she could bring herself to no other thoughts when she saw
Roses or raindrops hanging in spiderwebs in the starlight
She looked down at the empty street and against herself wished
That he would come up now-
NO! He is just my...what is he?
She sat and wondered
As he, safe at home, would feel uneasy
And so walk unseeing through the night
As his unsteady footseps wound a way to her house
Why, he mused, were her words so precious to him?
Why did he feel enlightened, uplifted, when she so much as graced him
With her half hidden smile?
Why did he feel the need, the almost divine urge, to hold her
When she felt any sort of pain?
Why did it grieve him so when she mourned
As if singing angels raised their heads and played a sonata
Whenever she was happy, radiant, casting the sun into a pale shadow
When her face lit up as she looked at him?
Did she look at him the same way?
Was it wrong to want her love, nothing more?
Was it some sin to feel a burning in her soul when he spoke to her
And seek to retain some of his essence when he left finally
Hesitantly, as if to go pained his every step?
Did he feel the same about her?
Thus the days passed, and their journeys grew ever longer
And so it happened that one day she held his hand tightly
He looked into her eyes and saw something there
That he wished to protect, to fight for with his being
Yet struggled to keep himself distanced from
Until she, hesitating herself, touched his face
And instantly felt as if they had been all alone
In a world of strangers
Destined to find each other, stumbling through a labyrinth
Of mistrust and deception, they made the path together
As she ran her fingers through his hair it seemed
That nothing had felt more like liquid silver in her hands,
This warmth from him, able to melt the worst glacier
So they stood for time uncounted, until uncertainty
Had cast his robes aside and fled unheeded
As they walked together now in all ways
Making their own world
In which lives are lived in kisses.

Poetry by Dominic
Read 1217 times
Written on 2007-03-26 at 16:26

Tags Romance  Love 

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ha isn't that how love is though? quite a struggle to get what was already there...

Indivituality has a point. I get what you mean but I actually had to read that line twice to get it.

a good piece here though lack of punctuation spoils it a little for me personally, you are using commas and such within lines but not at the end of lines.

also this line -
Hesitantly, as if to go pained his every step?

as if to go pained his every step seems a little awkward with the phrasing, maybe just saying hesitation pained his steps? or each step?

unsteady footseps - unsteady footsteps