When the world is your enemy...


The anger builds up, uncontrollable
A slow flame skulking in the embers of your soul
Finally comes out of the shadows
Reason has been ousted from his throne
And sits worried in a dank cell, expecting chaos
Seething, your rage is boundless
A marauding Viking in full berserker fury
And you vent it on any hapless passerby
Any poor vicious, spiteful thoughts flit and glide in your mind
Like screeching bats in the cave of sullenness
At last, the most stinging words float to the turbulent surface
Unwilling soldiers in this war on the innocent
And as you spit these venomous words
A sudden siege of conscience surrounds your heart
And you finally see yourself reflected in your actions
A twisted mockery of your usual features
So slowly you quell the surging emotions
The geyser, cut gradually from all sustenance
Reluctantly seeps back into its earthy source
And the embers, left with no oxygen
Go from vibrant red to a somber orange
As your fury eases, so the flames transform
And quenching waters flow like liquid diamonds
Across your temper
And so the flame retreats to the darkness of your heart
Until another time.

Poetry by Dominic
Read 1175 times
Written on 2007-03-24 at 05:18

Tags Anger  Fury 

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