It's supposed to be a spoken word poem. Enjoy lovelies. =D

Thanks For Rain

I am emotional...
My feelings fluctuate from chorus to verse
Losing my mind in this spiritual vinyl
Rotating my thoughts from my mouth as words
Counting the time spent
I watch as the world laments...mourns the wars
Complaints do not bring child support
Only out pours the pain
Rain, from your wall of glass
Liquefy your testifies on your spiritual path
Grasp! your spiritual life, grown within the strife
And take hold, of this photo
Graph the time you spent dwelling on that rose
Grown from the dent in the concrete
Not through soil, these seeds will not cease
Even through the toughest of turmoil
Believe what you seek
For when you speak Thanks before your rose has bloomed
Grace will be cast out unto you
No longer will you solidify yourself into the mold the world has set
And as you look deep into yourself
All of your emotions will melt
Into what it means to be really you
Finally what you want and what you ARE will be one
And your emotions will overflow into a puddle of fun
Then we can splash in our poetic linguistic rhymes,
Talk about peace to poverty, blissful to hard times

These are our emotions...come together, mix like potions
We are all on an emotional rollercoaster through a theme park of what we are supposed to
Be, but, however, on the contrary,
These worldly aspirations and alliterations will soon be
Just another puddle under our water-proof feet


Poetry by katiiieanne
Read 1140 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 02:38

Tags Emotions  Relationships  Happiness 

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Rob Graber
Clever to rhyme lines 26 and 27!

'I am emotional...
My feelings fluctuate from chorus to verse'

I love this, I can totally relate.
Great poem!

Complains do not bring child support - complaints would sound better in this line.

complex emotional beings, that is us, dipping in the rivers of simplicity. a good poem.