never been here myself, but heard of and gotten close enough too many times :(

Lust vs. Love

Sunlight glitters off her eyes
Gold pieces dropped by a careless aristocrat
Left sunk into a living, breathing caramel treat.
It pains me to watch her, to be hypnotised into reluctant ecstacy
Even as my hands roam as hunters through the forest
That is her auburn hair.
No prey in mind or in sight
Save the lips that blush red as a bleeding heart
Lust dissolves as sugar into the flood of emotions that consumes me
Yet I feel stifled, drowning in this miasma of shame
Even as the sun peeks, voyeur-like
From behind the curtain that lets us act out our innermost desires
In relative silence.
As I say my goodbyes and leave this secluded room
I recall our lips meeting, heavy with pleasure and light with joy
I wonder what my girlfriend would say...

Poetry by Dominic
Read 856 times
Written on 2007-03-08 at 18:18

Tags Love  Cheating 

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Fantasy is our right Dominic, I prefer the real thing, lusty, loving and fantastic!lol Don't feel guilty, it is just wishful thinking and no fantasy is all it is cracked up to be, apart from in my book!lol Grinning at you, TAi

Zoya Zaidi
Well, Dominic, you do have a certain style!
Well narrated and presented!
Love, Zoya