A true story
No one realizes how much time, patience and energy it takes to clean the place in which we clean ourselves!
You may not get some of the inside jokes but feel free to comment on style and form of the poem.

Bathing My Bathroom

I decided to clean my bathroom today.
Threw on old clothes
Set out soap, scrubber
It felt so dirty,
Listened to Iron Maiden too!

I began cleaning my bathroom today.
Dug out old toothbrush
Filled the buckets
Was in such a mess,
It took all afternoon too!

I started by dry-cleaning my bathroom today.
With brush and broom
I swept the room
I was so black,
Could taste the fume.

I debugged my bathroom today.
Took down the cobwebs
And killed the snails
Felt so evil,
Said 'shoo' to Lizard too!

I swabbed my bathroom today.
Wet every corner
Drained the dirt
Was so wishy-washy,
Scrubbed down on knees as well!

I washed my bathroom today.
Watched the soap
Make love to water
Felt so mushy,
I got all wet too!

I cleansed my bathroom today.
Wiped the 'kumod'
And plunged the toilet
Wanna be hygienic,
Bathed Ishkom the Vodinator too!

I purged my bathroom today.
Besides the walls and ledges,
Washed mugs, taps and soap-dishes.
Was so paranoid,
I purified the water too!

I felt tired cleaning my bathroom today.
Fatigue overtook my 'vulk'ing brain
Was very hungry too
I felt so drained,
I gotta catch an easy break of two!

I tried clearing my bathroom today.
Emptied the dustbin
Sorted the clothes
Got so organized,
I put toiletries in order too!

I managed to clear my bathroom today.
Soaked all things dirty
Threw in the towel
I did the laundry,
And rinsed out hangers too!

I ventilated my bathroom today.
Opened out the windows
Fixed the latches
It got so airy,
I used freshener too!

I redecorated my bathroom today.
Lined the shelves with old lush times
Put up cream curtains too
I wanted it pretty,
So stuck up wallpaper of a favourite hue!

I fixed my bathroom today.
Finished with the floor
Windows, basin, another door
Felt so beautiful,
Danced for my mirror too!

I made my bathroom today.
After all my hard work
It looked so clean
But I was so filthy,
Had to bathe myself too!

My bathroom is mine today.
I praised my effort
And patted my back
I felt so proud,
I told my mother too!

Poetry by Inspired
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Written on 2007-03-12 at 10:06

Tags Fun  Cleaning  Bathroom 

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