[cause I really can't calculate]

Maybe i should've been a mathematician

[it's strange
that one can feed fire with fire and yet be frozen
or that over there is that way
but you're still looking towards here]

you know

when I stroke that spot
with my finger until you cried
I only tried to rub the skin thin enough
to ram through
cause there where something about that pounding
I wanted to get to

you know

no matter how many times I count the lines
around your eyes
I can't make sense of the sum

[as if what you are
had anything to do with numbers]

but I'll keep on stroking that spot on your skin
thin enough to one day get through
and measure your pulse rate
with a ruler

Poetry by MadinSane
Read 995 times
Written on 2007-03-16 at 01:42

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