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the anxiety-rat in me took charge.
I stood quietly and watched
didn't have the courage to stand in the way.
I saw his hissing face in the mirror
and avoided every mirror thereafter.

the evil mankind reminded me of it's beeing
it's voice was as derisionated and inexorable as ever.
challenged the rat in me and I caved in.
laid myself down and screamed.


could it not forever be night
for ever.


now I have to move on. do my chores. chores that makes me a grownup.
in time the darknes will return. there's no reason to mourn.
the Days chore. to close it's eyes. let the night take over.


so, now I'm doing it. I'm moving on. sideways. good girl. I make myself proud!


I have moved myself both forwards and backwards.
upsidedown aswell.
I'm almost on the top of the world, mom.

it is cold outside.
I think the anxiety-rat got blightered by frost on my way to work.
even the evil mankind, is holding his breath.
it is cold outside..
and quiet in my head.


50 years old from Sweden

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