abstinence among gravel on fire

and there was
the city crying
whenever you visited it
sobbing against your shoulder
like a compromise
a substitute

and you counted out loud

cells that broke
blood vessels leaking


and you chewed nicotine plaster
when noting else helped
lit fire
on every rock and stone
in your abstinence


and behind glass
in frames of violence
and conviction
on your bedroom wall
laid the remnants
of children

that never became children

Poetry by MadinSane
Read 905 times
Written on 2005-11-24 at 11:52

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Christian Ward
I quite enjoyed this. You have a well developed style of poetry, loved the images you've created. So honest, so suggestive

A real gem. I liked it very much.

Wonderful read...i love the way this plays out...your style is very enjoyable to read...very creative and unique.


I really like this one, it has that sorrowful lilt to it, and beautiful lines, thought provoking well done :-)