Well this poem is rather personal, although I locked the meaning deep within. I wonder if any of you can decipher it and tell me what it is about.

Liberation's Kiss

Reflective weeping hidden in depths of glowing ripeness,
lost satiation, run!, flee, away at tops!

Released dreams of glitter hopes,
Frail resistance, Out reality!!

Wheel directed, compassed trail
to stellar body, facing, "Don't Hide!!"

Stare inside, whisper: WHY?!?

Embrace the child bringing truth's kiss of revelation,
Thriving into the future

Beam of artful longing, "NOW Liberation!!"
Quaint reality left behind,

Indeed simplicity decorates,
As the moon does the night, Releasing blinded eyes,

See galaxies, universes, flee the shadow-life,
"Surrender, Surrender, follow ME!!
Follow.... don't cry!"

Emerge whilst darkness befalls.

Auterkeia Nihil

January 19 2007

Poetry by Autie
Read 1054 times
Written on 2007-03-18 at 03:21

Tags Liberation  Kiss  Confusion 

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very intriguing...i like the way u leave ur poems to readers' interpretation...great job!