Love poem I wrote as an ode to a dying love.


The clouds tainted the sky,
Blotches of gray, white and black,
Blue neon sparks in the night,
Showering down came the rain.

Sitting by the half open window,
Looking out to the dawning sunshine,
The leaves and weeds green, vibrant,
The fragances of water, grass and cold breeze arise.

This was a journey, I've lived once before
Repeatedly in your eyes, moments shared
Moments unforgotten, Moments locked into my heart
Moments a single whiff of this fragrance brought back.

I walk in the rain, walk away hide my face,
Look down to the ground searching the words,
Having to mumble what I feel to myself,
You won't be able to hear it anymore.

May our eyes never meet,
In an instant you would see,
See what my lips no longer whisper,
See what my thoughts are forbidden to think.

What would you do if you saw them,
Would you recall them and long for me too?
Will I be always in this wishing, where it's me without you?
Wonder if new things replace the old ones, like memories of you.

Don't wish to erase them, Don't look to let go,
I let this take me over, Let it all be as it should.
If one day we meet once again, and my eyes spark yours,
We would perhaps stand to listen, or we'd simply ignore.

Today I'm just happy it did rain,
Reminded me of you, of us, of me.
I'm running for now from it,
Don't really know what else I could do.

I'm just happy it rained,
Saw that I'm really alive,
Realyzed what I'm running from,
Noticed what I'm trying to hide.

In the rain I remembered, your warm tender love,
That love that I so longed for, The love, Is still love.
Auterkeia NihilOctober 2005

Poetry by Autie
Read 1206 times
Written on 2007-03-18 at 21:50

Tags Memory  Loss  Love 

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Rob Graber
I find this quite wonderful--sad but by no means depressing!

PS: Line 16 needs "won't" :-,? (User is somking a pipe while smiling)