long time ago...


love should not be what you have given
all the hurt is bleeding down my legs
which i have not shaved since you left

my body still bears your marks
on my neck i've got bruises
and "R" scratched in my arm
it didn't hurt when you did it
now the razor burns when i cut myself

your magic touch me falling down the stairs
my legs open to bobby as he got his beer and
"move i can't see the tv" when your mom was there but
should i be crying?
i love you
so your touch does not disgust

we left no spots of blood
do you think i have forgot?
my angel
my pretty
i tried
my heart and soul and body
my life my death my birth
weren't enough to satisfy you

so i was to be wed in a black dress
a prisoner always to the butterfly of your soul
you took me in
gave me a home
but where's my food and water?
chained to the bed
never see the sun
only the full moon when the beast said hi
and fuckme fuckme
you said i've got
24 carat gold tears
if you need the money for pot
you can pawn them.

Poetry by zovjraar
Read 613 times
Written on 2005-06-22 at 22:30

Tags Grief 

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