this became a song

finding you

i never wanted this
but here we are
standing so close
but your eyes are light years away

i don't feel your thoughts any more
i don't dream your dreams
you've left me in this hole
where rattlesnakes
and demons like to play

your song came on the radio
i turned it up then i turned it off
'cause i can't take this shit

i drove by your house
maybe i should've shot it down
your window was open and i climbed in
only to see that the walls were gray this time

i went downstairs
down to the kitchen
remember bobby when we got drunk
i looked for for your phone
thought that well
maybe i'd call you
but it rang and rang and i
just can't wait

now you're always asking me the same thing
and i always give you the same answer
i'm in love with you so deep i'm drowning
and your current keeps pulling me under
i find it hard to breathe

this tragedy has been playing for much too long
and it always ends up the same way
i'm sorry
so sorry
it wasn't supposed to be this way.

Poetry by zovjraar
Read 632 times
Written on 2005-06-22 at 22:44

Tags Sadness 

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