as we love we are close to the most inner cord of ourselves and when love ends it may be an experience of total emptiness and in love and loss insanity is close to us ... as we are so totally lost in our emotions .... serendipity ??? for Nepenthes challen

love and emptiness .... serendipity

love is a sweet sensation
a coulourful cultivating experience
walking on clouds

the fragrance of your lover
controlling your mind
day and night

happiness spellt with ease
dancing closely
in a maze

but all of a sudden
darkened lights appear
as shadows form

love has slipped away

pictures of your lover
haunting your mind
day and night

insanity a place closer to home
as love takes leave
and we dig holes

in days gone by
letting cries out
entwining love
with emptiness

.... my point being -

in finding love we may also learn how vulnerable we are .. how close to insanity we may come ... love is a strong matter ....

Poetry by kath
Read 414 times
Written on 2007-03-24 at 17:28

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Great work.
Well writen, open, honest.
I liked it very much.

nice work