just a quickie

Fu*k the world I'll take the trees

HELP any feed back would be helpful and I greatly take the bad with the good

They tower above us
Green gods of the forest
Kings of the road side
We live in their shadow
"come to us
is what they say"
as I sit in my bubble
separating me
From the rest of the world
I see all of you passing
in your own little bubbles
Don't think I don't
But I still feel alone
"There's just a white line between us
Come to us
Is what they say
We'll be your friends
We'll embrace you
You can wrap around us
We don't care
So come to us
We'll take care of all your pain
Come to us
You won't be alone
Come to us
Just a little swerve
Is all it will take
Come to us
Were all over the place
In your yard
On top of the mountains
But now...now You can come to us"
I swerve
And enjoy their embrace

Poetry by Visoconti
Read 600 times
Written on 2007-03-27 at 03:32

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LOL this is great. We Tree-Huggers are great people!! Well done.