Mommas Bible

my mommas Bible always lye by her bed
right beside where she used to lay her head
it was there where i found it just the other day
right next to where she'd always kneel and pray

well I found my mommas Bible with pages worn and torn
from where she used to read it after she was reborn
the cover of my mommas Bible was faded and stained
from all the hard years of reading of how Christ paid

I opened my mommas Bible and to my surprise
a bookmark fell out and tears came to my eyes
it was the one that quoted "Foot Prints in the Sand"
as I read it I prayed Jesus take mommas hand

mommas gone so her Bible now lays by my bed
I read it every night before I rest my head
it's right beside where I kneel and pray
it reminds me of what she used to say

if you trust in Jesus you never die
you just fly away to a home in the sky
for when I'm gone don't cry for me
I'll be with Jesus Christ forever in Glory

Poetry by Visoconti
Read 725 times
Written on 2007-10-16 at 19:23

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