An Affair With a Memory

as I hold you at night
I can't help but look away , for
in my mind
I'm still holding her
even tho
I touch your beautiful curves
her memory always
seems to over take
your brown hair turns blond
and your blue eyes green
so I have to look away
for its hard to think of you
when a memory's driving me insane
I find it hard to treat you
the way you need to be
for its her thats dancing
through my dreams
instead of me and you
its me with her I see

when I say I love you
know that its the truth
even tho I'm beside her in my mind
and when we're in bed at night
I dream of her dancing
beneath the stars
I just can't figure out
why I suffer so
all because of her memory
you tell me often that I'm acting strange
and ask why am I
just staring into space
you say you know
theres some one else
I'm just not acting right
you accuse me of cheating
and I swear I'm not
for its the truth
I would never cheat on you
but I do
I am
with a memory

Poetry by Visoconti
Read 731 times
Written on 2007-10-16 at 19:18

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