don't be afraid to be harsh

Tribute to All veitnam vets

he gets the call late one day
a war has been declared
he greatfuly goes over seas
to fight a war unneeded
he risks his life to be put down
and to be called a disgrace
he might not live to see another day
yet still he greatfuly stays
he accepts his so called destiny
and fights the war unwanted
he has to smoke every day
to keep from going insane

then one day he awakes
to explosions all around
half his friends are now gone
and yet back home no one cares
yet still he greatfuly stays
one day they get the call
the war is over now he wonders
now what awaits

as he gets off the train
the angry mob awaits
they spit on him
and call him names
no one cares
what hes been through
so he now drinks
just to get rid of the pain
years go by
and he still feels
it was all in vain
not like the rest
like those before
he never even got
a simple thank you
will the memories
ever go away
you know he still smokes
just to stay sane

a few more years go by
and as he lyes in the bed
in the veterans hospital
he still wanders was it all in vane
3 days later he is finally recognized
with a 21 gun salute
that is was not in vane


Poetry by Visoconti
Read 837 times
Written on 2007-03-27 at 12:08

Tags Vietnam  Vets  War 

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