just came to me so I wrote it I don't like the end yet would love any advice.

the parts in ( ) I am thinking of taking out or fixing up what do you think?

six feet deep

I am still working on the end I dont like it yet

I was with you by night
and dreamed of you by day
we talked of the times to come
and the memorys we held

I loved you so much
you were there
you were mine
you were all I had

I remember the day
when you killed me
the memories like maggots
now eat away at what once was me
every flash feels like a million little bites

I see you every where day by day
even when your not there
and I lye awake night after night

thinking of the time we held
all that lost time
slipped away, gone

(no more lost time
now I watch the clock
waiting for you to return
tick tock, tick tock
tick tick tick F*CK)

it says its almost a new day
but for me its all the same
you know my birthday is soon
I tell every one the same thing
if you want to get me something
make it a new life
cause now I'm six feet deep
and feel like I've died

Poetry by Visoconti
Read 1084 times
Written on 2007-08-05 at 03:33

Tags Death  Love  Time 

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