Crying in my bed for you

Feeling you on my skin
Though you ain't close to me
And when I'm in
My heart takes me with you
And so deep in me
I whisper: I love you
To hold you tight
As a dream each night...

You've come to me
By saying; you need me
Like I need you...
It's just been a wish
In my head
And I finish
Crying in my bed
For you...

Frozen days around
Impossible to stand my ground
Keeping me at bay
I just can't find a day
Without a shower of tears
To take my fears
So far away...

Powerless mind to forget
This cold regret
There is no a prayer
That God receives from me
Asking for you to share
Another whisper in my ear
Where I can hear:
You love me.

I take you in my hand
To the lost island
Where love must understand
I wake up from my wish
When my heart said:
I love you
And I finish
Crying in my bed
For you...

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 751 times
Written on 2007-04-05 at 19:44

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