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When things don't use to be the same
When you feel nothing
When you voice is not resounding for her name
You don't need to pretend
It is not the end
That hurts so deep inside
And you let her go to defend
What you have denied.

Love comes and goes from your heart
Don't keep love when it wants to fly
Let it run free... keep it apart
Don't be on the way
Don't look back anyway
And let tears wash away
And fly...

Days will be so grey
Dreams will walk away
From the pillow on when you've cried
Gotta believe in you
And you'll be able to pass by
Life will show you
Another chance hasn't been denied
You'll find love with tears to cry
Begging for you...

You'll be lost for a kiss
That you'll want to miss
You'll be twisted in bed
With words she has said
Maybe you'll cry or smile
Time knows it for a while
And she will be in your head.

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 912 times
Written on 2008-03-01 at 15:12

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Grand Expression!!!

Mark Reynolds
this text is beautiful. great way to show the heart.

:) Mark