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Are you my angel from heaven?

I saw life pass day by day
I saw friends who leave and stay
But heaven's sent someone to me
Someone who said: C'est la vie.
You are white as angel on the cloud
I can be in the middle of a crowd
And you'll know how to find me
And now you are so close to me...

Are you my angel from heaven?
You've brought faith back to me
You've got more than I've given
You have my heart as your own place in me
Are you my angel from heaven?

I suppose you can read my mind
'Coz you always know me so deep inside
You don't really need words to find
Those things sometimes I've denied
Oh angel! I can't see you crying
'Coz it tears my heart in two
And when I don't see you I have nothing
And I know you feel the same.

Oh my angel, it's you, it's you
From heaven to me, it's you
It's only you...

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 932 times
Written on 2008-03-29 at 04:03

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What a beautiful poem with lovely rhythm. Thanks for sharing.

this is the beauty..Wow! what a sweet and lovely..

but only one thing i couldnt understand that

"C'est la vie." = I love you??? or something else..

nice to read this from you
you are a great writer