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You don't need to convince me when I...

I still remember
When we were lost through the night
We did not envision this love deeper
Whispering words on our shoulder
Turning off the light
Begging more it's what I miss
Now you've gone so far
And where you are
I can't reach to love you again
I fall down on my knees and then
I can remember
(Do you remember?)
Words ... we promised to be
Now I want to see
If you turn back to me
Loving more as you said to me.

I felt your body on mine
You just could cross this unlimited line
You break my rules and lie
You don't need to convince me when I
I'm ready to be taken so high...

You had control on me, didn't you?
I had no mind to speak
I surrendered close to you
I feel weak
You gave me more than strength now
There's no been a reason somehow
I'm yours... God only knows it
And you know you have more than it...
Don't stop holding me tight
As a ray of light
(Turn off the light)
Make me be outta mind
Make me not want to find
'Coz I have the world close to you
I'm up to you.

Each night says how much I
Belong to your heart
I can't let you apart
'Coz you're the one I can rely...

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 965 times
Written on 2008-02-12 at 04:40

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