Along the River Bank

She stands there along the river bank
While her white dress billows in the wind
Her hair brushing against her shoulders
And the shade from the trees
Covers her in a soft blanket of darkness
And she stands there along the river bank
Waiting, hoping for someone
To come and stand there with her.

Poetry by kata
Read 693 times
Written on 2007-05-03 at 04:51

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Simple and clear vision of an event. beautiful

Painful Profits
Kata this was a beautiful poem, an excellent image of a gorgeous setting, though it makes me sad to think that girl may not find what she is waiting for.

Excellent images! i closed my eyes and saw the picture being painted.. sad, yet beautiful in the light of the sparkling river, almost felt real for a second:D

M Heathcote
A pregnant void fills the air
a pivotal loneliness
all moody and surreal
is waiting to be unraveled
from the covers of darkness
like a Constable, landscape
kissed into life, everlasting...
like a Sleeping Beauty
yours is a painting of love
my lady in-waiting...

lovely poem...

Rob Graber
A very attractive image! Sad to say, she most likely will have to leave the river, at least for a while, if she is to find a friend...

This is a beautiful picture :)

Elle x