this poem i made for alot of diffrent reasons, like feeling im insane heh, and that i am in therapy. i don't have alot of time to explain this. though.



it feels as though, my head is crooked,

thoughts are backwards, most are wicked,

sick feelings, cold stares i project,

siting here in my chair, as i feel like a mental reject,

my thoughts of good days only seem wrong,

my mind has dissapeared behind the sun of madness, it's gone,

my thoughts bleed through out my acheing skin,

inflicted with someones elses pain,

and now that i've taken this, im called insane,

my thoughts they cloud my skys,

while remembering things in quick sighs,

torture rips away at my mind,

i don't think i'll get away from this, never will i find,

a better day then those were i spend it over the toilet,

so many things to let out, but i'll just forget it,

insomnia, aches my brain,

my eyes black and blue like abuse, im called insane,

locked away inside my ways,

i hope and watch for better days,

but they never come, they never come,

polite, and nervous, quiet and sick, my feelings go from pain to numb,

nerve endings connected to mental feelings, attached to a bleeding heart,

my heart beats it's blood, i've seen it alot, pours from my nose, thats where it starts,

it's harder to breath, when you grieve, acheing with pain,

i scream and scream, with those who's etched they're name, all over me, and im called insane,

i'ed probley scare you with some of the things i think,

even my bedroom mind has a few kinks,

my mind needs mantience,

a janitor with a phd, to come in and call me a patient,

someone to tell me, i've got alot of pain, like i didn't know that,

someone to tell me im insane, like i didn't know that.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 620 times
Written on 2007-05-15 at 19:12

Tags Insane  Therapy  Crazy 

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Zoya Zaidi
Wonderfully strong and expressive write.
What I like about the text is its disjointedness-
just like the thoughts are in insanity...
Yet, there is a system in this madness, like perfect rhyming and rhythm... Obviously trhe work of an intelligent mind-far from mad...

Welcome to the bay dear Gothic Geisha!

Love, Zoya

we sometimes find great wisdom in insanity. pensive text thoughtful though.