This was a poem i made, cause i sometimes feel i can't say alot, or people don't understand me when i do, or some don't want to understand/listen to me. so i wrote this, i was pretty angry. sometimes it's hard to remember why i wrote al

Bottled up

Listen,i asked a question,
you didn't listen,
no more topics,
that seem stupid,
no more topics, of, pain, fun,
hate or cupid,
i'll lock my door,
and you don't have
to listen anymore,
i'll lock my door,
and i'll sob, untill,
my body is sore,
i'll pull the covers
over my head,
i'll drown me
in my own bed,
i'll put a gag
over my mouth,
so you don't have
listen to my shouts,
i'll bottle up,
like a shakend coke bottle,
emotions, crashing at full throttle,
the free fall from the plane,
and you won't hear me complain.
you say you're curious,
why im furious, are you serious?
problems have made me delierous,
yet again, and you don't want to hear,
the things, i want to say, you swat me away,
cover you're hears, and ignore me,
little to no reply, little to no time,
for my difficultys, am i annoying?
am i desturbing? confusing?
am i not reasureing?
am i not helping?
i shouldn't ask for help,
no one to say yelp to,
someone's alreddy done that,
i should just learn from that,
no burden caused by me,
no worry for anyone to concieve,
i'll lock my self in my bedroom,
let the horrors eat me up,
let the nightmares stab my gut,
let the terrors rack my brain,
and let tear's glide down pain.

Poetry by Gothic geisha
Read 466 times
Written on 2007-05-24 at 03:47

Tags Bottled  Quiet  Angry 

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