a bunch of poems put together...


This loved one you cherish may now be out of your physical sight.

Keep this precious soul always in your mind and always praise their spirited fight.

Never think for a moment their faith was in vain.

My arms were wrapped around them and helped them endure the pain.


Be happy for this precious one who has won the race.

Picture them in Heaven, basking in God's Glory upon their face.

Never look upon this passing with sadness of this precious one.

The Blessings are overwhelming as they walk hand in hand with My Son.

Keep your hearts and souls pure and without blemish.

Build up high your crowns which will be waiting for you when your walk here is finished.

Gather around you all those lives this precious soul has touched.

Help them to look to Heaven and know their Precious Savior loves them 'Oh so very much.'

Jesus' arms are wrapped around you and encompasses you all.

His call to you is 'hold up those remaining and never let them fall.'

As your thoughts flow in remembrance of this precious one.

Delight in the Glory that is the prize for the battle won.

Poetry by Brooke Michelle
Read 629 times
Written on 2007-07-08 at 07:52

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