Words of lost love

I do taste

I do taste the very flavour of my true love on my lips,
How I want to feel her and caress her with my aching fingertips,
I do see her very image her presence every where I look,
Her joyous laughter I still hear in every corner every nook,
I do smell her heady fragrance in each and every room,
Without her my life is nothing; as cold and desolate as any tomb.

It's a fate far worse than death not to kiss those lips I loved so much,
For she now loves another and longs only for his caresses and his touch,
Her eyes they do light up so when they see him amongst the crowd,
For me 'tis a living hell when I hear her laughing joyously out loud,
The aroma of her delicate scent torments me so it will not go away,
Life is unhappiness now that she no longer loves me my skies are forever grey.

Poetry by Albert
Read 611 times
Written on 2005-11-27 at 09:12

Tags Love  Unhappiness  Desolation 

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Very well written, I greatly enjoyed it.
Keep up the good work.

Well done albert, this is so discriptive and well written :-))