Dedicated to my on line friend Phillip Gillen


Meeting you was the moment I still can remember it
Hearing well-intentioned word I still can feel it
Letting you in here in my heart I still envision it
Ignoring long distance is how I still love it

Thanks to Raven
Thanks for you've given
Thanks for being part of me
Thanks to my friend
Thanks for loving it in me
Thanks for this healing end.

Trusting more than trust is what I find in you
Forgetting all my sorrow is what I love in you
Finding light through the hours is what I have in you
Losing dark yesterday is what I need in you.

Thanks to Raven
Thanks to your heart
Thanks for not letting me apart
Thanks to Phillip Gillen
Thanks for you've forgiven
Thank you, for your own art.

You have in your hand what I understand
You are part of what I've planned
You've got more than I can be
This is my heart what you can see.

How about no longer being unfaithful friend
How about getting limits with no final end
How about hugging your heart to hold you tight
How about remembering you each day and night...

Thanks to my soul mate
Thanks to my own fate
Thanks to my hopelessness
Thanks to my sadness
Thanks to your idea
Thanks to ... thank to India...

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 720 times
Written on 2007-07-17 at 12:33

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