Will you be my friend?

Tell me
You'll never let me fall
'Cause when I call
Will you always be?

Save me
When I'm so shy
And help me fly
Where you'll be...

When I ain't going right
Will you be my road to be right?
When I feel so alone inside
Will you be a friend at my side?

People say to me
There's no a true friend
But my hope has no end
That's what I say to thee
When your eyes see me...

I'm so confused in this land
My heart does not understand
People have no time how I give
Will you be a friend when I need you to live?
False people come to check my hand...

Save me
When I am wrong
Make me strong
Help me

Hold me
When I can fall
And when I call
Talk to me

Love me
As if I were a little child
When I can be wild
Free me

Meet me
Before touching my heart
And after you'll be my part
Know me

Feel me
When I see your eyes
And from your soul, you'll realize
Embrace me

Carry me
Where you'll be my friend
Where there'll no be end
Take me

Love me
As if you were my brother
And I'll never be further
Need me

"In my deepest sorrow
And I don't believe in tomorrow
Will you be my end?
Will you be my friend?
In my tears and my pain
In my dark days when it begins to rain
In my while
In my smile
Through my secrets and happiness
In my faith and loneliness
I'll be strong in your powerlessness
I'll never let you part
And forever you'll be in my heart"

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 759 times
Written on 2007-07-17 at 12:34

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Hi. This poem is actually kinda deep. Really nice.