It's been a great grace to write with my friend on line. I am so amazing by writing something so dark as we did. i know it is hard to read it but i hope you can feel it in your heart. thanks my friend though you ain't here with me

Fall Down Dead (A co-writer with Raven)

I don't think I can hold on,
All my faith and hope is gone
I am forever in debt.
All my highs and lows,
All my ups and downs,
and now I'm -

And now I'm falling (falling) down dead - (falling)
'Cuz no ight was ever shed.
I just O.D. on all them fuckin' meds.
You name it, I took it, you name it, and I did it.
I took it all, and I did it all, and now -
I'm falling (falling) down dead - (falling)
This is killing me inside.

I am so unforgiven.
I keep on breathing but I've just stopped living
Nothing seems to be alive when I'm giving.
Nothing can flinch at my soul and me,
Immortal is just something I cannot be.

I'm gonna path of self-destruction,
I can no longer function.
You see the open wounds on my wrists,
the running blood, the dried blood, all from my open slits
And all I see now is black as I begin falling -
and now I'm falling (falling) down dead - (falling)

I begin to fill so forsaken,
My life is so shaken.
It's just a dream when I can't sleep,
'Cuz my emotions run so deep.
I'm torn to pieces
And now I'm -

And now I'm falling (falling) down dead - (falling)
All those blows I took to my head,
Enough really has been said.
My life is such an imperfection.
I'm so forsaken (forsaken) and now I'm -
And now I'm falling down dead - (falling)

My last breath when I open my eyes.
Fallin' down on my knees when I can't stand my own ground...
Faces so full of questions,
And unspoken answers that come to me just seem to be lies.
When emptiness comes taking over my sorrow,
There are no eyes to this day as there is no tomorrow

Poetry by Edgar John Jackson
Read 713 times
Written on 2007-08-01 at 16:35

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