...Written back in 7th grade...yeah. I really don't like this..I feel I can make it much better then what it is now...but I'm lazy at the moment..and i haven't put anything up here for a while...Oh yeah puncuation aint my forte...;_;...I should work on

3 little words

These words I wish to say,
Sound so easy but in a way
are the hardest to ever try to say.

They're just three-little words
yet they mean so much when they are heard.
Heard by the right person to oneself
Just to say three -little words...I may need some help.

No, no one can help me to say them to you
only I can say them when I'm ready and true.

I try to build up the nerve to walk to you one day, maybe noon or night.
Take a deep breath and with all my might
Walk right up to you stare right into your eyes
And say "I love You!" and I mean no lies.

That's how I dream of telling you...
But it's just not coming true.
When I see you and you see me...I see a smile play upon your face
As it drives me into a sweet internal bliss
As if I'm floating through space.

I'm frightened to tell you these feelings that I feel.
My feelings that I can no longer will be able to conceal.
I'm frightened that if I say those 3-little words.
You will just think or say "that's just absurd"

Just thinking about it, makes me want to cry
As I ask myself "Why"
Why do I feel the way I do
I keep on thinking and then I sigh,
With the thought and fear of that
you just tell me "Sorry I don't feel the same" then say goodbye?

I look down at a flower or two
and then I start thinking about you.
How you and I could be
If only I could say, how much you mean to me.

Now I stand before your presence,
I'm all clammy and nervous,
I stutter on my words,
Hoping now, my heart will be heard.
I shut my eyes as tightly as I can,
Just as I do with my clammy hands,
I utter those words under my breath,
As I anxiously wait for the pain of rejection.
I stand there, as if alone, cold and stiff.
All I could hear, nothing but the Silence.

I open my eyes,
To an unexpected surprise.
I see that smile play upon your lips
As I feel the love within your kiss.
I can't believe what happened next was true.
All that was said was...

"I Love you too"

Just to Say three-little Words
Is so hard too do
because they mean so much to me and you.
Doesn't it feel good when you hear someone you care about say...

"I love you"?

Poetry by Jordanna
Read 923 times
Written on 2005-12-04 at 16:08

Tags Love  Old  Yeah 

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I like it very much, its well written, and although its long it still manages told the attention,so well done :-)