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Oh decisions decisions.

Hmkay so. There's three guys. We'll call them Muffins, Dandy, and Spidey.

MUFFINS is actually in one of my classes and the only one of the three that I've made vocal contact with. We talk a lot throughout class and joke around. It's pretty fun and I DO like him, a lot. HowEVER, HEE likes this other girl and I saw them downtown together (they're friends already sure, and they were with two other people.. but that's not the point).

Dandy... well Dandy's dandy. And the only contact I've had with him is facebook friends and a close encounter of the passing kind (picture like an inch between us).

SPIDEY is the unattainable senior. HOWEVER, he HAS been looking at me in that LOOKING way recently (since like... earlier this summer) which in my opinion, IS PRETTY DAMN AWESOME. And OH MY GOD. I just realized my life is turning out REMARKABLY like Sixteen Candles... except my sister isn't getting married, I don't have a younger brother, I'm not incredibly skinny (or without chest), I don't have short orange/red hair, I doubt my parents would forget my birthday with all the hints I drop about it, and the guy I like isn't dating the top blonde girl of high school... probably because we don't have any of those... and he's blonde anyway... But OTHER than that, it's grotesquely similar... maybe not grotesquely.. more like AWESOMELY.


Diary by Mary
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Written on 2007-09-05 at 01:34

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